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Welcome to Keystone Enterprises ltd’s Furniture Website.

we have been making lamu-swahili style furniture since 1993.
we hope you will support us in making this timeless style of furniture and your suport will go a long way in making sure the legacy continue’s. we take particular effort in training young apprentice’s willing to further skill in making this style of furniture.our training programme has helped many wood craftsmen over the years to develop their skill’s,and ultimately start their own buisness,thus uplifting their living standards.every year we recruit trainee’s from local carpentry polytechnics and make sure after they leave our company,they are skilled in furniture making.our corporate moto is to make sure that swahili style of furniture continue’s in future. Swahili-Style Furniture is fusion of Arabic-Indian-Swahili-Portuguese culture’s,trading and cohabiting east african island’s archipelago for 2000 years.

Our Furniture range is very authentic inspiration’s of original Swahili-Lamu furniture designs sourced from east african coastal town’s.Swahili-Lamu Style dates back to 2,000-year-old culture rich in beauty and sophitication.this style of furniture is so important to lamu and zanzibar that ”unesco” has put them in the world heritage sites programme.currently unesco is sponsoring mombasa(kenya) old town rehabilitation programme,so that swahili style is preserved for future generation.And best of all swahili-lamu style can be achieved in any part of the world,instilling a sense of simplicity,sensuality and spirituality into any interior swahili-Lamu Style happened where the coral islands of east africa meet the warm trade winds of the indian ocean,mingling the scents of fragrant cloves and tropical flowers in a land where african kings,arab sultan’s,indian spice traders,chinese sailors,american whalers and french pirates met to trade jewels,spices and colouful fabrics.
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